Tuesday 28th February 2017 – Today I’m up and on it early. I need to be on a conference call at 8am this morning so tight timescales ensures there is no chance for anything other than tipping out of bed and starting my run in to work if I am going to get there on time. It is a chilly start to the day and the run lifts my mood. I throw in some core work and press ups along the way and my energy levels are good. One thing I have to get used to is using my new found freedom productively. I have to make the best of what I have still got and getting myself fit is a simple gift that I still have and there are no excuses. Before I arrive at the office I stop for a coffee and a breakfast snack and walk the last 10 minutes in to work. By any count this is a good start to the day and I know I must do more of this to really start making the most of my life again. Planning and a limiting factor to ensure execution are what is needed then there can be no excuses.

I’ve got a pretty packed day of meetings today and things pass quickly. I’m also meeting some of my old Team tonight for some food. I had to make their jobs redundant in the large round of restructuring completed last year. But what is nice is they hold absolutely no grudge against me and they have both gone on to find new jobs and are now working together and seem to be enjoying it despite the usual frustrations. It is great to catch up on old times and so nice that they both still hold me in such high regard with very fond memories of the times we worked together. I’m very grateful for their kind words and uplifted by spending time with them, just like old times I guess….. These guys have looked out for each other and they still look out for me!

Home is still a quiet space but by doing things before and after work the spare time is used productively and right now that is what the rebuild is all about.


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