Wednesday 8th March 2017 – I’ve a late meeting in London today. I feel a bit guilty as I’m being treated, by a client, to one my favorite Steak restaurants and this means that I need to arrange for one of my friends to pick up my little boy from the child-minders. It is work though and it is important as part of this rebuild journey that I start to get out in my network again. But the fact that my friend is willing to drop everything and do this for me says wonders for him and wonders for the love of those around me. I have some amazing friends and this blog entry is about them! I am thankful for:

  1. Those who have kept me company for bike rides and runs or trips to the gym.
  2. Those who have made me food, invited me over or given me a bed for the night.
  3. Those who have sent me texts to check in, phoned me, sent me emails to make sure I’m OK.
  4. Those who have walked with me or been a shoulder to cry on.
  5. Those who have picked up my self esteem and reminded me that I am a good person.
  6. Those who have helped me with childcare and arranged play dates with my little boy.
  7. Those who have sent me encouraging messages on Twitter.

I truly am blessed and so fortunate to have you all around me and I say this now with hand on heart your stock has risen and as much as I cared for you all before I truly love you all now .When your time comes, your time in need, then I am your man! You have etched a place in my consciousness for ever more! You have kept this man going and in reality kept this man alive.

I arrive home late from my meeting and am greeted by my friend and his dog and all is safe an well. My little boy is sleeping happily in his bed. I say this again, I truly am grateful and let the Lord be judge of this. No man is an island and every man can only do his best…………

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