Saturday 25th March 2017 – The sun is out again today and I’ve got a packed schedule for my little boy. First stop is swimming with one of his little friends and then lunch in the sunshine. He is back to being my little shadow again today. Totally comfortable with his daddy and I’m getting wonderful feedback from playing with him yet again.

It is interesting what he is happy to do these days. He is still petrified of putting his face under the water and getting water up his nose in the swimming pool but once outside at the adventure playground he is more than happy to swing from one bit of the climbing frame to another with no fear whatsoever? But day by day, little by little I am watching him grow and develop and helping him to get over his fear of the water is now one of my main objectives for this Rebuild year. I am starting to set myself little goals to work on with him and getting him to participate in more ball sports and also to grow his water confidence are at the top of this list.

After lunch we head over to a party with one of his little friends. It is a little girls party and the party games are orientated as such. There is a lot of singing and dancing and the girls are gathering near the middle of the dance floor with the boys circling around the fringes, climbing on the furniture and playing assorted ‘Super Hero’ games. As with all parties the room is hot and sweaty but my little boy wants me by his side at all times so I’m up on my feet, running around and getting involved.

Following the party we head over to the bike shop to take a look at ‘possible’ birthday presents. We find the perfect bike for him with the only problem being that he is right at the top of one size and not quite big enough for the next. We don’t make a decision there and then. But I make a mental decision that I will go for the bigger size and plan to pop back one day next week to make the purchase.

From the party we head back to the park for some more play time and then back home. I make a decision to head down to my parents for the evening so we jump in the car and my son is fast asleep by the time we hit the motorway. I know I’ve done all I can again today to do be the best daddy I can be.



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