22nd May 2017 – I’m trying to build on the positive mindset from my short break in France. I have a trip to visit a client down in the South West today and like so much of my work for the last few years my job is to negotiate a good deal for the legacy part of a business that we have previously closed down. Depending on the way you look at this job then it is all to easy to get pulled in to a negative spiral with work like this. I know, I’ve spent the last few years ripping apart all the businesses I’d spent the previous 13 building up. But I’m trying to adopt the new framework I blogged about yesterday and to this end there can be a sense of ACHIEVEMENT in getting a result today. It isn’t something new or sexy but if I can get the customer to take the remaining stock as payment for continuing to support the customer base for the next 3 years then this will be a job well done. It is about making the best of what I have at my disposal to get a result for the business. It is about leaving and supporting the customer base with care and doing the right thing. I guess so much in life is a matter of perspective and what you make and take away from every situation. I also know the hotel I will be staying it is one of the nicest I visit with a good gym and slap bang in the heart of the city.

Another benefit of today is that I get to start the day with a run in one of the beautiful London parks as I’ve got time before my train leaves. The summer season is now well and truly with us and the light mornings and warm evenings are a joy. I make this morning a 30 min tempo run and I really start to feel alive. My thoughts do drift to my little boy from time to time. But these thoughts are brief and don’t drag me in to a loop of guilt or self flagellation. Summertime in London is something to live and love and with each stride of my run my smile grows wider and my optimism increases. I can feel myself, literally, getting stronger!

I have a PURPOSE for today. It is to set up a deal with our customer and get the best result for my employer.



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