25th May 2017 – London is bathed in sunshine again today and I’m up at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep as soon as the sun hits the windows and the bedroom warms up. I spend the first 2 hours of the day putting on washing, watering the garden and doing the daily chores. This is followed by reading and homework with my son. By school drop off I already feel like I am ready for lunch. I’ve already reversed the car out of the drive and have it ready and waiting so I can screech out of the ‘pits’ and make it to my meeting on time. I hate being late so the adrenalin spikes before I see what the traffic on the M25 is like. But thankfully the traffic is kind to me and I arrive in good time. Daddy is now an executive again. I’m at a meeting to discuss a multi-million pound contract which feels slightly surreal when 1 hour ago I was reading about Kipper and doing number lines. But this is the new normal, with lunch grabbed on the move and work executed before I head back for pick up and a trip to the swimming pool. My remaining calls are executed while keeping one eye on my son at assorted play parks and the day finished off soaking up the evening sunshine before the bed time routine and the final emails. If there was a mark for effort at the moment then surely I would be in line for an A*. I actually struggle to remember the last time I sat down and watched anything on the TV other than Children’s shows or movies. I’m more likely to pick up the vacuum cleaner, update this blog or put on the radio or a record than I am to sit on the Sofa and watch the TV.

The news for this week is still dominated by the bombing in Manchester and as the names and faces of those impacted start to appear the reality, their reality still brings tears to my eyes. My emotions are still easily spiked and I again must confess to my own private tears as I think through the pain for all those impacted. I have close family links to Manchester. My dad grew up there and the rest of his family are still there. I find myself thinking of Steinbeck and the Grapes of Wrath and I know that the people of the city will pull through. The sense of community and the spirit of togetherness will prevail.





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