Sunday 28th May 2017 – The fun packed weekend theme continues today with a bit of swimming in the morning followed by a trip to a music festival in the afternoon. Again the weekends focus is all built around my little boy and trying to make sure he has a good time. Of course I’m not the only parent to be working hard to please their kids but I do feel under the spotlight somewhat as I am on my own. I do feel that because I only see him 50% of the time I do need to make every second count.

Swimming is still as much about water confidence as anything else. He is still petrified of putting his face in the water. But not everything in life is easy and I’ve learnt a big lesson about this over the last year. I don’t put any pressure on him at all and the more time we spend splashing about in the pool together the more things seem to be slowly progressing. He is beginning to get the idea of floating and will even put his mouth and nose under water when I ask him. As his head goes down his legs come up and he is able to manage a few strokes of doggy paddle. Progress!

From the swimming pool we head home to pack up for the afternoon and a trip to my sons first music festival. It is a pretty low key afternoon and the heavy showers mean that it ends up being a bit of a wash out. But the important thing is he doesn’t complain. He takes it all in his stride. By the time we take the bus home both he and I are exhausted. I’ve done my level best again to make the day exciting for him and find myself collapsing in to bed by the time I have finished his bed time story. So is the rhythm of my weekends with my boy. My little shadow wakes up early and he and I spend the whole day together enjoying the fun times and doing so many different things. I do think there is a positive in here somewhere. But I also know that keeping up this pace is going to be tough in the long term. But this is where my focus has to be. This is my challenge and it is the time I am at my happiest. I love seeing the smile on his face and feeling his warm arms around my neck. I truly love my little boy and am so proud of him and how he has coped since my wife left.


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