Friday 14th July 2017 – I’ve taken some time away from ‘Social Media’ this has been for a number of reasons but most importantly it has been a period of time in which I have tried to find myself again. It is a period in which I have needed to detach myself from everything and focus in the moment. It is a period where things haven’t needed to be perfect they have just needed to be busy and to be! It is also a period in which I have had to try and take the pressure of my shoulders to solve everything in one go. Life isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect but am trying my best and that really is good enough.

You see, the problem with trying to solve things that are outside my or anyone’s control is that their is absolutely nothing I/anyone can do about it other than worry and boy am I sick of doing that. It doesn’t matter how many times people tell you how good a person you are or that things aren’t your fault the human mind can only work this and process this in an individuals own way………..

It is an old cliché but I’ve realized that all I can do is focus my mind on those things that I can control and the one thing that is going to train my mind to do this is time. So what was the tipping point for me? Well last weekend I got back out there in the world of sport completing a hilly 112 mile bike ride on the Saturday. There were times when my body really didn’t want to go on. But this man doesn’t quit. This man will never quit! I then spent the rest of the day chasing my little boy around the beach and being the best daddy in the world. The following day I set off on a hilly half marathon in the blazing sunshine with one thought, to get back and see my little boy. My legs were shot and my body was in pain. But as I climbed one of the many hills I heard the Rocky them tune by Survivor playing by the side of the road. I battled through, no quitting, no stopping, no looking back. We only get one life and we all have to make of it what we can.

I’m back, I really am back and my mind is finally catching up with my determined body. I’m off to the swimming pool and at last feel ready to pick up the thread of the Big Man’s life.

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