12th August 2017 – I find myself taking a deep breath this morning. I had a full medical last week as part of the health program at work. I know I am fortunate to have access to such things and it is wonderful for peace of mind. The reality of the results though is that my scores are almost the same as back in 2010, which is a good thing. In 2010 I ran 2 Ironman events. Physically I’m in great shape, my body fat is 13%, my cholesterol, my weight, my strength and movement are all great. However, every time I tried to engage about my mental state both the doctor and the physiologist just looked back at me awkwardly?! The general diagnosis was keep doing more of the same, you are doing everything you can, you are in great shape!I have to say I left somewhat disappointed. I’m sure if I had turned up with a huge beer belly there would have been plenty of advice about how to improve my diet or how to get fit. My alternative reflection on all of this is that maybe I am doing everything I can, maybe I have pushed forward as far as I can get with things and maybe it is just going to be like this for a while?

Today I am taking myself out of my comfort zone. I’m heading off on a vacation on my own. To many this will seem like nothing as for many time spent on their own is happy time. Not me! I am 100% extrovert. I feed off other people and I know that I am happiest when around others. Destination is Ibiza and a fitness retreat. Who knows what is going to happen over the next 7 days but I’m going with an open mind and am going to immerse myself in the program 100%. I hope that at the end of it I can safely say I am doing everything for my Mind, Body and Soul and that I find a way to get my mental scores to the same level as my Physical.

Happy Saturday all.

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