Thursday 9th November 2018 – One of the most daunting parts of my current life is the knowledge that I know I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life on my own! I have written plenty about how happy I was as a married man and this really hasn’t changed. I guess, therefore, there comes a point when a man knows he has to admit defeat and call time on what was. Despite my will there is nothing I can do bring my marriage back. I have to face the fact it is now really truly dead. I could stand forever alone at my own metaphorical alter or I can get out and do something about my situation. So that means looking forward and starting to walk towards a new future. As I sit and type this I know this is so much easier to type and to say than it is to do something about.

I have a lot of conversations with people at the moment about what a catch I am and that I don’t need to worry about anything because when I’m ready love will find me?! But I can’t help feeling this is a bit a of a gamble!!!! If I plan to race an Ironman I don’t just pitch up on the day and hope for the best. I plan, I train, I execute and I know this increases my chances of being successful on the day. It has been a couple of years since I raced an Ironman but it has been nearly 10 years since I thought seriously about any really strategy to start dating. In this time, so I’m led to believe, everything has gone digital. The landscape has changed and so have I. I’m older, I have a child and my friends are all more likely to invite me over for a cup of tea or dinner than we are to go out to a bar or a party where I might stand any sort of chance of meeting someone new. Similarly, I’m pretty happy to meet up with friends and have dinner or a cup of tea and the thought of going to a night club is so far out of my comfort zone these days……………………..

But all this said I feel the time is right. I feel ready to begin a new chapter, a new journey and in a funny way it is pretty exciting. I just need to find the momentum to take the next step in this journey.


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