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Out with the Old and in with the…………

21st Oct, 2016

21st  October 2016 – It was a beautiful autumn morning for my cycle in to work again today. I grow more and more grateful for my daily commute and the opportunity it affords me to stay fit and experience the fresh air before I arrive in the office. My first meeting was the AGM, generally

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20th Oct, 2016

20th October 2016 – Just to show that this is a moving feast, yesterday with my son didn’t quite work out as I’d intended. He was so tired when he got in from the child minder he fell straight to sleep. School is starting to catch up with him and I realise we are moving

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Marginal Gains & Goal Clarity

19th Oct, 2016

19th October 2016 – I’m sitting at my desk and am ¾ of the way through a 1.5L bottle of water. The only certainty is that I’m going to need to run to the toilet in the next 5 mins. I had Granola and Blueberries for breakfast so started the day well.  I know that

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Nutrition and Wellbeing

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Where has my ‘Mojo’ gone ?!

18th Oct, 2016

18th October 2016 – This is day 2 of the project and was another day spent at work. Well that isn’t a very interesting blog post is it?! On the contrary, importantly it was a day spent at work!!! Work, being something I’ve endured for months seems to be regaining a bit of a sense of purpose

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Unhappy Birthday to Me!

17th Oct, 2016

17th October 2016 – This was a very odd birthday. A very odd birthday indeed. I desperately wanted to spend it with my family and to enjoy it like any other birthday. But this was always going to be different, it was always going to be strange and it was always going to be difficult.