Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing

A healthy day for 3 generations

23rd Oct, 2016

23rd October 2016 – The first part of this half term break has been all about my son and it has been great to see how relaxed he is in the countryside. My parents are incredible and such knowledgeable people. Their stock has risen above all else over the summer in support of me through

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Nutrition and Wellbeing

Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Where has my ‘Mojo’ gone ?!

18th Oct, 2016

18th October 2016 – This is day 2 of the project and was another day spent at work. Well that isn’t a very interesting blog post is it?! On the contrary, importantly it was a day spent at work!!! Work, being something I’ve endured for months seems to be regaining a bit of a sense of purpose

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