Nutrition & Wellbeing

Boxing Day – Wot No Sales – Just Reflection!

26th Dec, 2016

26th December 2016 – I’m feeling the inevitable come down after the build up and execution of a wonderful Christmas Day. So much has been done to plan for everything that has happened up until now that I’ve not really thought about what comes next?! In this rebuild process, I know that the difficulty comes when

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Family & Friendship

Ruminant Thought……

30th Oct, 2016

30th October – With the front garden pretty much done and mum and dad heading off today I turn my attention to tidying up and getting the garage clear. My dad and I head to the tip for the 9am opening time loaded with bags of garden waste and rubbish from the garage while mum

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Friends and Socialising

Family & Friendship

Packing in more family time.

25th Oct, 2016

25th October 2016 – Like all breaks, at some point your mind drifts from all the things you are going to do while you are away and the relaxation therein on to the return to life at the end of it. Sadly, today was the day when my mind returned to what life is going

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