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23rd Jan, 2017

23rd January 2017 – Today has a proper winters feel about it. The air is cold and damp and the commute on the bike a chilly one. There is a real beauty about the scenery though as the street lights filter through the morning haze and the sun comes up. I have a number of meetings

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Nutrition & Wellbeing

Kick-starting living in the moment.

9th Jan, 2017

9th January 2017 – The focus on days where I don’t have my family and I wake up to a dark, quiet house is on trying to live in the moment. To drag my head out of the weeds and get on with doing…… A wondering mind can be a brilliant tool but it can also

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Nutrition and Wellbeing


What I am learning from Tai Chi.

19th Dec, 2016

19th December 2016 – A big part of the RebuildMe journey is about self awareness. I’m hoping that learning a completely new skill on a Monday, Tai Chi, can help me with this. I’ve written repeatedly as to why Monday is a difficult day of the week for me. So my Advent focus for today is on the

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Taking each day as it comes……

12th Dec, 2016

12th December 2016 – I’ve definitely got the ‘Monday Morning Blues’ again today. I’m feeling anxious and uneasy and it is all I can do to claw myself out of bed. I succumb to the familiar battle between the devils in my head of lack of purpose and motivation within my life as it is now VS what

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